Executive Dashboard with real-time Visibility to Marketing and Operations Data

Our Client is an IT infrastructure performance company for networks, applications and storage. Their family of WAN Optimization solutions optimizes business growth by increasing application acceleration, enabling IT Consolidation, and providing enterprise-wide network and application visibility – all while eliminating the need to increase bandwidth, storage or servers.

Client Requirements

To provide Operations, Marketing and Individual Site Managers with a summary of Marketing Forecast, Operations Ship Plan and Shipment and Inventory Status all in a single view

Key Challenges

  • Aligning custom and vanilla star schemas
  • Having the data at different levels and not directly related
  • Ensuring that there is no data loss

Jade Global’s Solution – Manufacturing Executive Dashboard

  • Designed, created and implemented an application to enable the Marketing and Sales Operations team to define the forecast and plan values by Report Name
  • Provided functionality to define and map the Reporting Names w.r.t Products, Warehouse and Quarter
  • Created a new subject area in Oracle Analytics which brought together out-of-the-box existing schema and the new custom schema using custom dimension acting as conformed dimension
  • Provided for Upload/Edit feature to map data for Forecast / Planned numbers
  • Real time availability of Forecast and Plan numbers - mapped and defined in an Apex application - in Oracle Analytics Mfg. Exec Dashboard while providing control to business user of the numbers in the Oracle Analytics dashboard
  • Provided for security and authentication mechanism to the Apex application

Business Benefits

Provided Marketing and Operations teams with real-time visibility to their data and an even greater insight into their key performance indicators