Enforcing a Global Corporate Expense Policy with Oracle iExpense

Our Client is the worldwide leader of intent-based solutions that capture and analyze interactions and transactions, realize intent, and extract and leverage insights to deliver impact in real time.

Client Requirements

  • To upgrade Oracle iExpense from OIE.E to OIE.K
  • To use all the advanced features of OIE.K to enforce corporate expense policy
  • To fill the gaps between requirements and vanilla features through customizations
  • To use AME engine to handle complex approval requirements

Key Challenges

  • Consolidation and standardization of regional business expense policy in to single corporate expense policy
  • Integration to BizDoc – legacy travel planning and budgeting system
  • Complex expense policy required certain information for which no placeholder available in OIE.K

Jade Global’s Solution – iExpense OIE.K and AME

  • Extensive discovery sessions with global user and help to formulate single corporate policy
  • Oracle internet expenses upgraded to OIE.K
  • Implemented latest features of OIE.K (Advances, Allocation, Grace period, Allow credit line)
  • Enforced complex approval rules using AME attributes

Business Benefits

  • Single corporate expense policy enforced across globe resulted in better control
  • Integration with travel planning and budgeting system avoids duplication and save time
  • Strict control through expense approval mechanism
  • Benefits of latest version leveraged