Cloud reporting with Oracle Analytics – Project Costing and Fixed Assets

Build cloud based BI reporting solution and implement BI reporting capabilities for Project Costing, Budgeting and Fixed Asset.

Business Need

  • Build cloud based BI reporting solution.
  • Implement BI reporting capabilities for Project Costing, Budgeting and Fixed Asset.


  • Project Costing and Budgeting was required to be used in same report with segregated totals for Cost/Expenditure and Budget.
  • Complicated business logic to derive various metrics.
  • Create a drilldown capability to track project costing from summarized to detailed level.
  • Loading data from on premise database to Cloud database.


  • Built a data-model to use conformed dimensions to have a dimension-wise visibility of metrics and designed DW to suit this kind of reporting.
  • Created hierarchical data for drilling down.
  • Created navigational links to see grain level data from summarized report.
  • Created syncing process for real time reporting.

Business Benefits

  • Project dashboards were of high importance that helped business to track their project budget, budget approvals and over-expenditure projects.
  • End to end reporting enabled tracking of amounts from budget allocation to approvals; to expended cost to balance budget. This helped derive and understand profitable projects and helped them to plan budget allocation to projects.
  • Drilldown and navigation helped business to have an overall picture of data, and at a same time giving clear visibility to detailed data