Emerging Tech QA

Software Testing in the Realm of AI, IoT and Robotics

Experience Faster Development, Testing, and Deployments with AL and ML Testing, Internet of Things Testing, and QA BOTS.

Emerging technologies are here and Businesses are rapidly embracing them to get any competitive advantage and differentiation they can get. Digital transformation is impossible without the adoption of new and emerging technologies. This is causing major technological disruptions that businesses have to learn to cope with. Whether its Big Data, AL, Machine Learning or Robotics companies need confidence that these emerging technologies function correctly and delivering the expected benefits.

QA and testing have become even more critical. The efficiency of AI bots needs to be tested, Big Data testing is required to ensure data completeness and confirm the quality of data.

Jade Global advises and helps companies with their emerging technology initiatives through rigorous performance testing, functional testing and security testing, and validations under different conditions.


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