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Achieve next level of digitization with Oracle Cloud Managed Services

While migrating to Oracle Cloud Applications, customers need continued support so that they do not spend inordinate efforts in the migration process. With Jade Global’s expertise, you can focus on your key business initiatives while we help you run your day to day operations on Cloud ERP.

We offer Gold, Silver or Bronze support Model to manage Cloud ERP needs of our customers. Once customer migrates to cloud ERP, initial period of support - Stabilization or adoption requires hand holding, user training as well as delivering some critical business operations reporting requirements which might have missed in initial implementation. With substantial experience in supporting ERP systems, we understand critical needs and transform them to cloud ERP specific model.

We offer three models based on unique needs of our clients:

Gold Support Highlights (Useful for Global Operations team to adopt to cloud at laser speed) - 24x7 Coverage for all priorities, Complex Reports Development, Users training and hand holding

Silver Support Highlights (Useful for Global Operations teams to get highest level of support at optimized pricing) - 16X5 Coverage, On Call Priority 1 support 24x7, Complex Reports Development, 24x7 coverage during month end or critical business events period

Bronze Support (Usually for small size organization) - 8x5 Support, 24x7 P1 Support, Sustaining operations support

Services Model Bronze Silver Gold
Technical Support via Live Chat
24x7 Coverage Only for P1 P1 and P2
Complex Report Development
Configurable Support model by Geo and Business Process
Minor report Development
Month End Support
Single Point of Contact
Application Administration (User Security and Oracle Service)
Integration Support
Monthly Patching and Upgrade Support (Test Automation Build In)
Enhancements Supports
User Training


Some of the key business challenges include:

  • Increased adoption to Cloud ERP for all business users, enabling single source of truth and reporting for Management
  • Optimized support coverage based on your business operations demand
  • Elasticity in the skills – Jade has complete set of Oracle Cloud Resource skill sets including SAAS, PAAS and IAAS globally
  • Comprehensive Services – Our cross-ISV and cross-functional offerings complements Oracle both on-prem and cloud with our other solutions including, ServiceNow, Zuora, Microsoft, Snowflake, Dell Boomi to provide one of the most comprehensive managed services offerings. Customers love “one back to pat” approach for their services
  • Pay only for what you really need - Price Efficiencies which CFO love
  • World-Class Expertise – Along with other service offerings we provide strong expertise to guide the customers towards faster resolution
  • Automated regression testing enabled by Xenon - Worry free Environment even after regular upgrades and patches applied on Oracle Cloud ERP platform. (Good Night Sleep for IT Operations Management Team)
  • Focus on ongoing training, problem management reduces reoccurring issues and shifts focus from keeping the lights on to value added enhancement

Why should you choose Jade Global?

Get the right solution tailored to your business requirements – be it a module implementation, hybrid implementation or reimplementation

  • ISO 27001 and ISO 20000) certified provider for all support operations.
  • Global support Coverage (24x7, 16x5) - Catered to customers business need.
  • Our large Knowledge base supporting Cloud ERP - It means faster and price efficient operation for you.
  • Understand the true cost of operations, rather than one-time migration, our model provides guaranteed support in addition to do one-time migration to cloud ERP.
  • Get a tailored roadmap for your organization- It differs if you are retail or Manufacturing or Software business, use our expertise to help you!
  • Self Fund your cloud ERP project by using us for long term support of Cloud ERP.


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Jade Global was proactive, was prepared with their accelerator toolkit including documentation, best practices and solutions to help us with a smooth transition. We are extremely pleased with their level of commitment, flexibility and drive to make us successful

Marc Rose Chief Financial Officer, VPP

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