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At Jade Global we strongly believe that a fully integrated ecommerce platform will help your business to drive and track sales from everywhere online. We offer iPaaS solutions to help integrate your existing POS or ERP and vertically integrate it with your website. This can help you track your sales right from the point of prospecting all the way to your Financial systems.

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What is an Integration Solution?

Too many retailers rely on a variety of platforms and applications to run their business operations, with multiple databases to control your POS or ERP system, ecommerce, and other sales channels working in isolation from one another. These systems can’t communicate or integrate with each other, which results in a disconnected experience throughout the business. Jade Global can help you integrate all these ecommerce functions, combining operations and other online sales channels with your POS or ERP into one unified commerce platform.

Why does Columbia Sports need an Integration Solution?

When your business is not backed up by an integrated solution, customers will be left with a disconnected shopping experience, where each channel presents different, and sometimes, incorrect information. Today’s customer expects the same seamless experience no matter where, or how, they choose to interact with your brand. A solution integrated with your in-store or back office retail operations opens up a world of opportunities from a sales, marketing, and customer-facing perspective. From discounts and order history to tailored offers, when all of your data is centralized on one platform, you can reward your customers by giving them a unified, omnichannel experience.

How will integrated ecommerce help Columbia Sports grow business?

A unified commerce solution will save you time and money in both dealing with different vendors and paying for each piece of software. Rather than spending money trying to find a way to integrate your disparate platforms into one interface, an integrated system frees up time, money, and personnel to focus on delivering value. It unlocks the power in something you’ve already spent time and money in developing and integrating: your POS or ERP.

Why Jade Global is your Perfect Partner for Integration Solutions?

Jade Global helps customers choose the right integration solution that can be easily scaled, adapt as business requirements change, and empower new business models without replacing existing frameworks. We offer an innovative ‘Enterprise Integration Strategy’ that allows you to achieve your IT objectives at lower costs, greater efficiency, and increased visibility. 

Jade Global is a Certified System Integration Partner of leading Integration Platforms including Boomi, Jitterbit, Mulesoft, Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle SOA, and TIBCO among many others. We specialize in implementing enterprise-grade solutions for all types of integration needs including A2A, EAI, EDI, B2B, ETL, MDM and API management. Explore our comprehensive integration services.

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