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Customer satisfaction lies in the core of every Business success strategy. To this end, businesses invest heavily in Customer Relationship Management Software to augment revenue and profitability while ensuring customer satisfaction and Loyalty.…

by Rachel Messiah

Oracle has made some changes to the EPM Cloud Service and our clients have asked what that means for them. The information below provides greater clarification to these changes to EPM products and pricing…

by Harika Parepally
Dataloader Overview
Understand your Data:
  • Whether you’re moving from another CRM application or simply tracking customer information in spreadsheets, you’ll already have existing data. Data…
Creation homepage
by Srilakshmi

Home Page:

When a user first logs into the org, the landing page that is seen is the Home Page.

Creation of home page:

From Setup, Go to Quick Find / Search and enter App Builder then…

by Srilakshmi

What is REGEX:

REGEX stands for a regular expression. This function is useful to guide the user in creating data in a proper format into the system.
To maintain quality data in the system it will be used in…

Lightning flow
by Shravya Martha

Over decades we’ve seen radical changes in technology and the changes continue over time and the main intention behind these changes is to AUTOMATE the system. It helps Business Organizations to increase their productivity and competence.…