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Application Development Services With Now Platform App Engine

Build apps from scratch with app engine studio, get a unified platform experience, and automate workflows. App Engine can help in solving your business’s pressing needs. With ServiceNow’s app engine studio, you don’t need any coding experience to build apps. ServiceNow platform provides sufficient tools for app development. It is so easy and convenient that even citizen developers can create an app from scratch with app engine studio and now platform.

App Engine Studio is a guided, low-code tool used for developing web applications to store information. App Engine is used to solve business problems, create digital workflows and automate business processes, enhancing the entire ecosystem and creating workable business applications and increase productivity.

The many out-of-the-box components on the platform are made available through drag-and-drop interfaces. App Engine is a development and creation tool for creators of different skill levels to build applications that meet the organization’s immediate needs.

The Now Platform app engine provides a single, integrated web application development platform experience for building high-performance, scalable, and reliable apps on App Engine. Whether you are a developer, an enterprise architect, or a DevOps engineer, you can use the Now Platform to create the next generation of cutting-edge custom applications with multiple complex workflows with the help of a low code platform. Other users can also create custom apps with developer tools as it is a low code application development platform.

App Engine Studio

Users can access the following in App Engine Studio to create digital workflows and digital transformation:

  • Create an app: To create/import an application from scratch
  • Quick start: Links to browse app templates and learn more about the App Engine Studio tools
  • My recent apps: A list of applications you have accessed recently using App Engine Studio
  • Templates: A list of templates we can use to create an application with preconfigured data, experience, logic and automation, and security

App Engine Studio tools for digital workflow apps and better employee productivity

App from Scratch with App Engine Studio

These tools include:

  • UI Builder: ServiceNow User Interface (UI) Builder creates workspaces and portal pages with a single builder. Can edit portal and workspaces
  • Catalog Builder: To Create Service Catalog Items
  • Mobile Studio: To Build Mobile Experiences
  • Flow Designer: To Automate Application processes
  • Table Builder: To Edit data models in a table format

Key Features for building apps

ServiceNow Now Platform App Engine

AES provides a guided experience to create the different parts of an application all in one place. Tables, Flows, experiences, and security controls can be implemented from the AES interface.

  • Data

Create Tables from a spreadsheet, extend from an existing table or create a new table

Revenue Management Solutions

  • Experience

Create portal, workspaces, mobile, and catalog experiences from the app engine studio

Digital Transformation with ServiceNow's App Engine

App from Scratch with App Engine Studio

ServiceNow Now Platform App Engine

  • Automation

create and associate flows to an application. create flows from scratch or use a template to get started


  • Security

Use existing roles or create new ones to grant access to the application.

San Diego New Features

  1. Form Builder

App from Scratch with App Engine Studio

We have a new Form Builder that simplifies the creation of tables and forms, complete with support for UI policies.

In the beginning, there is Form Layout, then Form Designer. Both have their pros and cons. Now AES’s Table Builder contains a Form Builder feature that brings the simplest of Form Layout and Form Designer and contains things like UI Policies to manage form field behavior and reference qualifiers (generally done at the dictionary level).

  1. Template authoring

we can now create app templates either starting from scratch or by modifying an existing one

From the start, AES had the potential to make apps from templates. This makes building an app fast once we start with a table, some automation, and other vital ingredients - instead of building them from scratch.

Digital Transformation with ServiceNow's App Engine

A new button labeled “Create new template” on the template screen.


We can use an existing AES app (or start from scratch), provide parameters (such as table name), and make the template available. When someone creates a new app from our template, they fill in the parameters.

  1. Create and manage notifications

App from Scratch with App Engine Studio

We can create notifications triggered from a flow action Send Notification with AES. This is different from sending Emails. Send notification supports the same email notifications table as the rest of the system so that we can reuse the same notification in multiple flows. When changes are needed to a message, we can edit the mail message without impacting the flow(s).

  1. PAD & Decision Builder Integrations

ServiceNow Now Platform App Engine

Digital Transformation with ServiceNow's App Engine

AES also has two new integrations available

Process Automation Integration & decision Builder

  1. App Engine Management Center


App Engine Management Center helps you to manage all of the aspects of your app development process.

Even if you’re newly building your first app or developing on App Engine for a while, AES is a resource for learning, accessing, and managing your App Engine accounts and projects.

The new App Engine provides a single location for you to manage your apps, services, and data and provides a single place to access your billing information and critical account information.

You can also use the Management Center to manage your projects, such as providing access to your service catalog, application workspaces, and other projects that you’ve created.

Developers can develop innovative solutions and create new apps as it is a low code development platform. Building apps in such an environment also helps in knowledge management.

The new Management Center also includes a new Diagnostics Portal, which provides a single location to diagnose and troubleshoot your App Engine applications. In other words, you can transform your organization and quickly find a solution for pressing needs without wasting lots of resources.

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