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Guidelines for Writing a Blog Post

Jade Global is taking a more business centric and consulting approach. Primarily being a Technology, Advisory, and Consulting Partner, we want our reader to turn to us for solutions through shareable insights. This means your blogs should be:

  • Less Technical
  • More Customer-Focused

As per that, we are currently looking at redefining our Blogs. Following are some pointers to write a blog that should be taken into consideration.

Overall Structure of a Blog Post:

  • Title
  • Cover photo/Images
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • Author Bio


  • Give Catchy titles directly pertaining to the action/ knowledge you want readers to take from the blog.
  • For more readability, your titles can start with:
    • How to
    • 3 ways
    • 4 reasons
    • Guide to
    • Steps for
    • Benefits of
    • Advantages

Such Blogs find more readers and have better visibility.

e.g. Benefits of Lightning Web Components Over Aura Lightning Components

Cover photo:

  • This is optional. But if you have images, insert high quality ones, and screenshots where necessary.


  • 1st 100 words to be explanatory and non-technical, to set the tone for the rest of the blog.
  • Language to be simple and precise.
  • Avoid long connected sentences (Avoid using too much of ‘and’, ‘as well as’ etc.)
  • The intro should also contain the ‘intent’ of the blog
    e.g. “This blog post will discuss/ explain/ throw light on…”
  • The blog can also begin with direct challenges customers are facing and how you are solving them:
    e.g. intro para: Are you using Oracle EBS Inventory? Are you struggling with defining and increasing the Consumers Use tax liability due on inventory removal transactions and transfers to other locations? Jade Global can solve this for you.
  • Use industry statistics from credible sources like Gartner, Forrester, Everest, and mention them.
    e.g. According to Forrester’s research, "25% of Fortune 500 companies want to implement and invest in (IPAs)".
    Top 3 AI adoption trends for business processes in 2021 and beyond


  • Keep the language and instructions simple, that can be immediately applied by our consumers.
  • Help your writing with descriptive images.
  • Divide the body in subsections
    e.g. Definition- Advantages-Use cases
  • Highlight parts you feel are important.
  • Highly technical content needs a problem-solving approach so focus on making the introductory paragraph about “how Jade Global is helping consumers/users.”
  • Avoid highly Technical Content.
  • Use Links from other blogs and whitepapers of Jade Global to direct readers to resources on the website.
  • Also, whenever mentioning Jade Global or a particular practice/service, link it directly to the respective landing page. Like done here.


The conclusion should in short summarize how the content here:

  • Has assisted in solving a problem.
  • Explained something of value.
  • Battled a challenge and presented a resolution.
  • Further created a scope for users in this field.
    e.g. If you are Planning to Migrate your Org from Classic to Lightning, then you should go for LWC to build custom pages as per better performance. As it provides great UI Performance on browsers which enhances the latest features of JavaScript. Every Salesforce developer should be aware of the latest releases provided by Salesforce related to LWC and its modern web Standards, implement them accordingly into their existing Business Process, Educate and Suggest customers regarding this new feature.
    Benefits of Lightning Web Components Over Aura Lightning Components

Author Bio:

  • Name
  • Designation
  • Experience and Profile
  • Active LinkedIn URL