Published by Abhijeet Baneka

Customer satisfaction lies in the core of every Business success strategy. To this end, businesses invest heavily in Customer Relationship Management Software to augment revenue and profitability while ensuring customer satisfaction and Loyalty.…

 Approval Process in Salesforce 
by Neha Patil

Salesforce is known for its business process automation. Various manual activities can be automated using salesforce tools. Business process is largely a series of steps performed by a group of stakeholders. It is…

by Sandeep Gupta, Harshita Kothari

Financial Data Management Enterprise Edition (FDMEE) is a tool that helps in transforming and loading data from several sources into EPM Cloud. Be it HPB, HFM, PBCS, FCCS, and other EPM products, FDMEE plays a vital role, in integrating various…

by Shafia Siddiqua
What is Omni-Channel?

In literal terms Omni means all at one place and channel means ways to communicate through Email, Chat, Phone, Webform, Social media, community, etc.

Omni-Channel is a customizable feature in…

by Vinit Verma

In the age of digital transformation, new applications are being adopted within organizations at a rapid, and at times at an uncontrolled pace. There is a growing shift from on-premise applications to cloud or hybrid with both cloud and on-…

by Swati Kane
Different approaches –
  1. PaaS as integration platform –

    Oracle PaaS service is one of the most flexible platform to integrate data / transactions from any third party system to…