Predictive Maintenance

Predict Your Machine Failures to Prevent Costly Downtime

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 | 10 AM - 11 AM PT


Unscheduled maintenance and downtime can cost your organization millions of dollars, and force you to miss product delivery deadlines, thereby affecting credibility and scope for future business ventures. Did you know Predictive Maintenance could help prevent up to 90% of unscheduled maintenance compared to just 50% by Preventive Maintenance?

Jade’s Predictive Maintenance Solution driven by Predictive Analytics helps to predict, detect and prevent system failure to maximize system uptime, and ensure smooth business process functioning, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction

Join us in this webinar to watch a LIVE demo of Jade’s Predictive Maintenance Solution and learn:

  • How the solution’s algorithm works to predict the when, where and why of system failures
  • How the solution helps you track all your maintenance strategies in one place
  • How advanced analytics are used to predict systems that are at greatest risks of failure


Sunil Ranka

Practice Director
Big Data & Analytics
Jade Global

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