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Do you think it affects only your Accounting? Think again!

Thursday, April 27, 2017 | 11 am - 12 pm PT Add to Calendar

Did you know 62% of the companies in a recent PwC survey believe the New Standard will extend well beyond an accounting change by having impact on business processes, systems and internal controls, as well as other areas.

This may lead you to ask:

  • How will the ASC 606 new standards impact across my organization? ​
  • How will I have to change my IT systems for new business processes and data capture?
  • What are the opportunities created?

This live webinar on ASC 606 will give you actionable guidance to ensure that your systems and processes are opportunity ready. We will also explore:

  • The broad scope of adoption ​
  • Opportunities and matters to consider that enable you to drive this adoption to success








Jerry Lovatt

Jerry Lovatt

Associate Director
Revenue Recognition Practice

Mohan Iyer

Mohan Iyer

Practice Director
Oracle Practice

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