Semiconductor Industry

Today’s fabless semiconductor manufacturing companies face several challenges that typical revolve around outsourcing manufacturing activities to sub-contractors for processing, assembly and testing with sub-contractors operating in different time zones

Industry Needs

  • End-to-end visibility in the complete manufacturing process
  • Manage Job starts and finishes
  • Good visibility of the inventory and work in progress (WIP) items
  • Capture each operation of SORT, Assembly, Test, Program, BIN, Mark & Pack in the system to reflect activities of the sub-contractor
  • Lot based tracking and manipulative power to Merge, Split and Translate lots
  • Track date codes with lots
  • Manage and streamline actual work delivered and payment process for subcontractors
  • Capture information on yield costing, scrap and PPV from all operations
  • Analytical data from the system for MIS reporting