Jade Global Press Releases
Reverse Logistics
  • Reverse Logistics costs manufacturers more than $100 billion in the US
  • Almost 8% of manufacturer sales are return costs
  • Third party logistics providers realize 12% to 15% profits from the Reverse Logistics business
  • Telecom and High Tech Industries have the highest returns of goods
  • Slashing unnecessary returns can reduce returns costs by 40 to 60 percent
Reverse logistics is the process of moving items back from their end destination back to the manufacturer or reseller for recapturing its value, or for its proper disposal.

Today’s organizations are focusing on new avenues for improving the bottom-line by enhancing operational efficiencies. According to a research by Aberdeen Group, Reverse Logistics costs in the high-tech industry account for nearly 8% of the total revenue.

Reverse Logistics has also been climbing up the priority list of COOs. Now more than ever, COO’s are mandated to turn these service departments from disjointed cost-incurring processes that had an adverse environmental impact to profit centers, which recapture value from returned products and be environment friendly.