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Jade Global Financial Dashboard

Jade Global’s Financial Dashboard provides the requisite business insights that cover financial KPIs and metrics, analytical dashboards, and various data points with rich visualizations that gives a concise and customized view of the complete business performance.

Salesforce Lightning

Jade Global assesses your readiness, determines if your customizations will migrate successfully and then facilitates a quick transition and an organization-wide adoption of Salesforce Lightning.

Managed Services – Proactive and Preventive Maintenance

Jade Global takes a unique approach to develop a culture focused prevention and problem solving versus a typical reactive approach.

Cloud Managed Services

Jade Global, a Cloud transformation partner helps enterprises understand, implement and manage their Cloud ecosystems.

Community Implementation Services for High-Tech Industry

The Jade Global paradigm for Communities implementation helps you build a robust engagement portfolio to rise above intense competition, and be consistent with the delivery of new products to maintain an edge over competitors.