Key Features of Propero™
  • Assessment
    • Performs Health Check
    • Custom Analysis
      • Database Objects
      • Application Objects
      • Priority Customizations
      • Plan to Eliminate Customizations
      • Impact Analysis
    • Data Analysis
      • Master Data
      • Transactional Data
    • Activity Plan
      • Resources
      • Effort
  • Provide Upgrade Path or Reimplementation Recommendations Upgrade
  • Delta Training
  • Upgrade Management
  • R12 Functions and Menu Changes
    • Self Service Code Analyzer


Once the decision to move to Oracle R12 has been made, most users have a multitude of questions — firstly, they ask what’s in it for them, then what will it take to do it and will they lose anything which is already working? IT managers not only have to ensure that there is real business buy-in for an upgrade initiative but also need to determine the right upgrade path. With the customizations, integrations, 3rd party applications, future roadmap and involvement of many different partners it becomes a real challenge to take an objective decision and build an accurate road map and transition plan.

Jade Global’s Propero™ was developed to make the transition to R12 easier for enterprises and extract the full value of investments in Oracle E-Business Suite with the Assessment and Upgrade Management features of Propero™.

The Assessment Phase: In the Assessment phase, Propero™ performs an automated analysis of your Oracle setups and the customizations in the existing environment. Then we establish your real business objectives, identify the challenges and how they can be addressed in R12. After that, we prepare a detailed set of options and plans with the recommendations for you to move to R12. This end-to-end assessment enables Oracle IT teams to make informed decisions about your Oracle R12 strategy.

The Upgrade Management: During this phase, Propero™ provides the capability to track all CEMLIs change lifecycle right from deployment to different testing iterations till they are successfully deployed in production. Propero™ reduces the blackout time for your business during the R12 upgrade without disrupting any other projects. The tool empowers you to manage the whole upgrade project and ensure that the new R12 functionalities are readily available for user training on demand and facilitates the delta training for business users. It has in-built repository of the list of menus and function changes in R12 to enable faster SOX compliance and agreements.

Jade Global is a specialized Oracle Platinum Partner and Propero™ was built by Oracle certified professionals who know just about every trick in the book when it comes to implementing and upgrading Oracle software. Our IT expertise reduces your time, effort and cost of implementing, owning and maintaining the Oracle system. Outcomes of all our learning of various testing cycles are updated in Propero™ to further enrich the library of test cases. The results are:
  • Ability to address problems and errors during pilot testing itself
  • Extensive data analysis to help in the data migration after the upgrade or re-implementation

Jade Global announces the release of Propero™ 2.1 which now supports releases:
  • - to 12.1.3
  • - to 12.2.2
  • - 12.1.3 to 12.2.2

ProperoTM Datasheet

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