Decipher the Art and Science of Marketing Data

At this age of information, the customer gets highly enlightened with overwhelming online data on his potential purchase. This has led the marketing and sales activity of a company to evolve from being product centric to being customer centric. It has become an imperative to measure the prospects’ likelihood of a purchase by analyzing their behavior, engaging them in a relevant fashion and nurturing them to the point of sale and beyond.

Although companies adopt lead lifecycle management to increase the conversion ratios, it becomes extremely cumbersome to track a lead from inception to closure, and unorganized tracking leads to loss of sales leads at various stages of the sales cycle. There is also a perpetual friction between the sales and marketing teams highlighting ‘’handover’’ issues that contribute to adverse lead conversion ratios.

Jade Global’s LeadPro is a tool and application agnostic reporting solution that identifies the leakages, increases conversion rates and velocity by highlighting best leads, accounts and opportunities. LeadPro analyzes the lead lifecycle - spanning from Campaign to Lead to Opportunity, and utilizes historical data to increase funnel conversion rates.

LeadPro saves time and efforts by providing flexible data models and reports comprising of three interactive and intuitive dashboards, along with 50 pre-built reports.

Know Your Campaign


Lead Nile


Opportunity Proctor


LeadPro for your company will:

  • Seamlessly integrate with various CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.
  • Provide an on-premise and Cloud based model enabling anytime, anywhere reporting
  • Reduce implementation time and cost by at least 50%
  • Increase win-rates on marketing and sales generated leads
  • Provide intuitive and customizable dashboards with self-explanatory and user friendly graphs and reports
  • Provide you a measurable ROI of the marketing campaigns
  • Drive engagement by highlighting the lead’s conversion parameters
  • Save analysis time with pre-built reports