• Hadoop Mapre Ducedead

    Is MapReduce Dead?

    With the emergence and increasing popularity of DAG execution engines like Spark, one of the most common questions our clients want answers to is, “What is the future of MapReduce as an execution engine for Hadoop?” Many mainstream production applications

  • content management

    Content Management Using Hadoop

    We live in the world of cloud computing, best-of-breed applications and BYOX (bring your own things). Companies are opening up to the idea of providing freedom and choice of technology and tools. Freedom to use tools and applications of choice

  • Data Quality Powered by Big Data

    Data Quality Powered by Big Data

    Enough has been said about importance of data in enterprise. Data has the power to drive decisions, deliver actions, bring efficiency and directly impact the bottom line. To realize true potential of data, organizations need to make sure that their

  • Enterprise Performance Management Mobile Application What’s New??

    New Enterprise Performance Management Mobile Application ‐ A new smart phone based application that: Enables on‐the‐go review and approval by managers and executives Provides users with easy access to key business information for faster decision making and improved process flow

  • Big Data

    Oracle’s Giant Leap for Democratization of Big Data

    Gartner’s magic quadrant analysis for Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms have mainly three criteria to assess platforms which I think are spot-on. They focus on enable (data with minimal technical knowhow), produce (efficiency of data analytics and reports building) and