• Scorecard vs Dashboard, Oracle Hyperion

    Scorecard vs Dashboard

    The Oracle Hyperion Performance Scorecard is regularly mistaken for the dashboard. The primary distinction between the two is that the performance dashboard is similar to the dashboard of a car and shows the status at a particular point in time,

  • EPM new features

    EPM New features

    Hyperion Planning Spreadsheet Like Interactivity with larger data sheets Rapid loading of larger forms Quick cell to cell navigation & scrolling End user being able to extend the model Adding member on fly Embedded advanced predictive planning Time series

  • Hyperion Shared Services provides, Hyperion products, Oracle’s Hyperion Shared Services, Essbase applications, Essbase roles

    Users Roles

    Hyperion Shared Services provides a centralized system for managing user and group access to Hyperion products, and consists of corporate or native Shared Services user directories and a common UI, called Oracle’s Hyperion Shared Services User Management Console. Provisioning refers

  • Partitions in Essbase

    Partitions in Essbase

    Basically Essbase supports 3 types of partitions. Transparent Partition Replicated Partition Linked Partition If you have worked with Oracle OLAP and are familiar with the partition techniques available there, you would realize that partitioning of Essbase is fundamentally way too

  • Interact with E-Business Suite in SOA

    Interact with E-Business Suite in SOA

    Oracle Applications (OracleAS) Adapter for Oracle Applications provides real-time, comprehensive, bidirectional, multimodal, synchronous and asynchronous connectivity to Oracle Applications in Service Oriented Architecture. The benefit of using OracleAS is that it can use the existing Oracle Application Infrastructure and expose