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MicroIn: What it means for Microsoft

By: Jade Global

Microsoft has announced it will be acquiring Linkedin on the 13th of June 2016. This augments well for Microsoft from a lot of different perspectives. First Microsoft makes most of its revenue from Enterprise related products and services. Linkedin with 433 million corporate profiles fits perfectly into the strategy increasing the Total Addressable Market significantly. This will also help Microsoft gain valuable insights about different Enterprises, personnel and patterns.

This would impact a lot of Microsoft products. Some of the scenarios are, starting with Azure Active Directory and Enterprise Mobility Suite. Linkedin can be used for Identity Management within Active Directory and expanded beyond the current offerings. This can be used in products Outlook, Calendars in addition to enhancing the social features within office products as well as iPhones and Android devices.

Another major area that is impacted is Business Productivity and collaboration suite, SharePoint (Social Features), Skype for business and Yammer. All these areas could benefit greatly with the inclusion of Linkedin data. Especially for SharePoint it can be quite effective whether you are building your personal site, a community site, an org chart, blogging, adding feeds your pages.

The biggest piece of all is Data. Satya Nadella at one of the Microsoft event in March 2016 said data is the new electricity. He sees more and more importance of data and the answers, trends it provides. The vast amount of data regarding enterprises will be extremely useful to an application like MS CRM. Imagine a scenario where your CRM system not only knows about customers, leads and prospects in your existing CRM system but also provides you with recommendations and insights based on the trends based on the data in the entire record of Linkedin professionals, companies and groups. This can be accomplished by using Microsoft Azure’s rich Data analytics and Machine learning tools. Azure is mature enough hyper-scale cloud and can seamlessly process, analyze and support the CRM system.

Cortana Analytics suite can be a valuable tool when it comes to data. Cortana analytics is a combination of Data repository, Machine Learning, Analytics and intelligence tools. When integrated, you can use Cortana to access, Analyze the data and surface the results in the form of Dashboards.

Apart from that Linkedin has several products on its own that are complimentary to Microsoft offerings like Linkedin Sales Navigator combined with MS CRM can provide the most effective sales tool available on the market today.

Microsoft got access to some additional avenues through this acquisition. Lynda.com which was acquired by Linkedin in 2015 by Linkedin is an online E-Learning system and has thousands of courses which can be integrated with Microsoft platform and the combination can be offered as a service. Talent solutions and Marketing solutions that drive major revenues for Linkedin currently are can serve as a new solid opportunity for Microsoft.

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