• Oracle’s Data Visualization Cloud Service

    Data Visualization – Now in the Cloud!

    Visual Data is the more useful. Oracle’s Data Visualization Cloud Service (DVCS) is a new and advanced Oracle Cloud Service made available in November 2015. It is a web-based tool that enables you to explore analytical data visually and on

  • Business Intelligence

    Intelligent Business Intelligence

    When it’s time to purchase business intelligence software for your organization, the dilemma always occurs with the decision makers. “Cheap and Easy” or “Robust and Expensive”. Perform this simple homework before even you explore your options. Who is going to

  • Hadoop Mapre Ducedead

    Is MapReduce Dead?

    With the emergence and increasing popularity of DAG execution engines like Spark, one of the most common questions our clients want answers to is, “What is the future of MapReduce as an execution engine for Hadoop?” Many mainstream production applications

  • content management

    Content Management Using Hadoop

    We live in the world of cloud computing, best-of-breed applications and BYOX (bring your own things). Companies are opening up to the idea of providing freedom and choice of technology and tools. Freedom to use tools and applications of choice