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Fusion Payables – Streamline Your Invoicing

The Accounts Payable department used to be awash in paper, drowning in invoices, bills, and agreements. The switch to computerized systems has changed this somewhat, allowing organizations to track everything electronically. However many vendors still insist on sending out paper copies of invoices and bills, so what are AP departments to do with them? If you’re using Oracle Fusion, invoice tracking is simple with Fusion Payables. Continue Reading »

Using Your BBB(Bookings, Backlog, and Billings) Data to Power Your Future

Can your organization adapt quickly to dynamic market conditions? Do you have access to the right information about your company that will help you enable its success? If you’re like most executives, you rely on inconsistent data in non-integrated spreadsheets that are updated on a fixed schedule. Sounds pretty inflexible, right? That’s a hard way to remain competitive in your market. Continue Reading »

Oracle BI and EPM are Converging – Are You Ready?

There’s a new evolution happening right now at Oracle, and I’ll bet you didn’t even know about it. It’s the convergence of Oracle BI and EPM.

While you might’ve missed the first two steps in this evolution, we sure didn’t.
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Oracle Subscription Contracts – 4 Ways to Save (and Earn) Money

With the number of cloud solutions that are available to companies today, everyone’s pretty familiar with the concept of subscription-based pricing. It’s been popular on the individual consumer level for a while now, and as companies start using more cloud-based solutions for their technology needs, it’s becoming more popular on the corporate level as well. Continue Reading »

Get in the Mobile App Game with Oracle ADF

As of October 2013, there were over 1 million apps in the Apple iTunes App Store–and over 60 billion downloads. As of the beginning of 2014, there were almost 1.2 million apps in the Google Play Android app store, with over 400,000 downloads. Continue Reading »

What’s Your Test Automation Strategy?

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3 Tips to Optimize Your Supply Chain

It’s the middle of the summer, and yet your inventory numbers look like you’re gearing up for the holiday rush. Upper management is demanding answers for this, but you don’t have any. You have looked over the numbers so many times that you have memorized them. Yet you still don’t have any answers for them. How is it that you have got the wrong mix of products in your warehouse? Where’s the breakdown in the supply chain that caused this?

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